Our sales of the month!

Specials for the month of July:

Saltwater Inverts:

$1.49 astrea snails, $2.99 turbo snails

$1.99 red, zebra, and blue leg hermit crab (normally $2.99-3.99 each)

$6.99ea small emerald crabs large $10.99 and more

Seachem & Aquavitro Sale:

15% Off Aquavitro shrimp accessories and Shrimp Chemicals

10% Seachem CO2 glassware and aquavitro tools

50% off all livebearers

All corals frags buy 3 get the 4th free

10% off all Rainbow bubble tip anemones

Half off all live rock! Normally $4.99-8.99 per pound

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