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About the owner: Ramin Afshar

I started my first aquarium at 8 years old with the help of my parents. I immediately became a fish lover for life. Wherever I went; rivers, lakes or oceans, I was always curious about what aquatic wildlife existed and what it would take to care for it. During college I turned my passion into a small business and started a maintenance company. Word of mouth was my only method of advertisement. After 4 years I knew I needed something more, a storefront.

After college I moved to Dallas and I worked my way through various sales positions in IT, Telecom and even Fine Jewelry, in order to save up for my shop. Five short years later, I had half of what I needed and got a loan for the rest in order to make my dream into a reality. On March 8th, 2004, Exotic Aquatics opened its doors. Since then, we have been showing people everything this hobby has to offer.

Ramin with a setup tank


Monday: 10am - 8pm

Tuesday: 10am - 8pm

Wednesday: 10am - 8pm

Thursday: 10am - 8pm

Friday: 10am - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 8pm

Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

Hours are subject to change for major holidays. Visit our social media for more info.