Our Services

what we offer to make your aquarium journey that much easier

Delivery + Install

Exotic Aquatics has a fully insured Delivery and Install service. We will deliver and install any tanks we sell. For more information about how we can set up your aquarium system, including a quote, fill out the form below.

Want an aquarium but don’t have the time or patience for the upkeep? Let Exotic Aquatics do it for you!

Our professional and dependable services can be custom tailored to fit your particular needs. Weekly visits make your aquarium a hands free experience, perfect for a waiting room or office-type setting. The bi-weekly or monthly programs let you choose the amount of involvement you wish to have.

  • All visits include:
  • Water Change – 25-50%, depending on aquarium conditions
  • Full water quality testing
  • Adjust pH up or down as required
  • Vacuuming waste from the gravel or bottom of the aquarium
  • Cleaning all glass surfaces inside and out
  • Cleaning the plants and decorations as required
  • Cleaning aquarium lids, tops and light fixtures
  • Redecoration
  • Lighting and heating system inspection
  • Inspection and servicing of any external filters and parts including the protein skimmer, airstone, prefilters, motors, pumps, impellers, etc.
  • Delivery of any livestock or drygoods ordered or purchased


Exotic Aquatics is now offering upto 6 months of 0% interest, same as cash financing for new tanks and equipment. To apply for financing, or for more information fill out the form below:

Custom Tank Design

Exotic Aquatics has helped customers build their dream tanks ever since we opened. Whether it's a monster tank or a tank for a commercial venue, we can make it happen. Fill out the form so we can reach out to you for pricing and more details.